There are lighters, and then there is DJEEP. Modern, sophisticated, and built to last — DJEEP has it all.

With up to 3,500 flames, DJEEP lights up life’s occasions best, whether you’re cruising the parkway, setting the mood for a romantic date, or just stepping out. DJEEP will be there for you every time.

With a shape like no other and a diversity of high-end collections, DJEEP is stretching the boundaries of what you thought a pocket lighter could be.

Designed with style

DJEEP offers a wide variety of designs and styles through original collections with various finishes, textures, tones and visual effects (metallic, hologram, sheen, soft touch…) to elevate each lighter.

Designed to last

No other pocket lighter matches DJEEP’s unique features. Its distinctive three-tank system gives it a very long life for a pocket lighter. Up to 3,500 lights, far more than the vast majority of pocket lighters.

Djeep lighter, designed to last and last.

Designed for your safety

We’ve spent 50 years refining our product to ensure each lighter meets the highest possible safety standards. You only need to hold one of our lighters in your hand to know it’s something special. It’s quality you can feel.